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List of all parts in a refrigerated air dryer

The refrigerated air dryer is made up of a compression refrigeration system, composing of 4 basic components: refrigerant compressor, condenser, heat exchanger, and thermal expansion valve with a sequentially connecting …

compressed air receiver

Is compressed air receiver necessary?

Is compressed air receiver necessary? Yes, definitely! Why a compressed air receiver is a much have? Can we just use compressed air after purification without an air receiver? The answer …

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Compressed air grades to applications

The chart lists the corresponding air grades to different applications. The chart is specific specs of different air grades. If you have any enquiry, please contact DP Air Dryer


Refrigerants for refrigerated air dryers

DP could custom build refrigerated air dryers with any different refrigerants, general options are R22, R407c, R134a   The reason we apply different refrigerants in refrigerated air dryers and which …

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Types of refrigerated air dryers

There are 2 types according to the way, in which refrigerant is condensed by, air-cooled or water-cooled. There are 2 types according to the temperature of inlet compressed air: normal …