We produce refrigerant dryers | desiccant dryers | accessories: filters

DP is a manufacturer based in Shanghai, producing air-cooled/water-cooled refrigerated air dryers, heatless/heated purge/heated blower purge desiccant dryers, and accessories like filters, water separators, etc.

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About DP

DP Air Dryer Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of compressed air dryers and filters in Shanghai with more than 20 years experience. We’ve been providing OEM service to brands for years. Our factory is near 1,500 square meters large with up to 47 employees in workshop and the other 8 management staff. Our products including but not limited to water cooled/air cooled refrigerant dryers, heatless/heated purge/heated blower purge/compressed heat purge desiccant dryers and filters have been exported to many countries. Quality and service, which we never compromised on, are 2 main reasons that have earned a good reputation for DP. It brings fast growing for us and for our clients as well.